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What's Going on in School?

At Hall Green Infant and Nursery School a healthy attidude to life and learning underpins everything that we do!  However, we also make health and health issues a specific focus in terms of teaching and learning.  This is achieved directly through our comprehensive Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship (P.S.H.E & C) and new P.E schemes of work and is reinforced through many other areas of the curriculum.


Each year group is taught the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise, from finding out all about ourselves and our bodies in Reception to understanding the importance of the five food groups and a balanced diet in year 2!


As well as the importance of physical well being and fitness, the emotional development and understanding of their role as a global citizen is also imparted to the children.  Our Values education covers a wide range of important issues, helping to broaden and shape the children's understanding of their own principles and values and how these have an effect in the wider world. 


Each year we have a 'health week', during which many exciting activities take place.  The children have the opportunity to work with a range of professional people, from artisits and chefs to sports people and actors, completing a variety of health based activities.