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School Lunches

From September 2020, we have temporarily suspended our normal 4-week lunch menu due to the difficulties in getting all the children through the dinner hall in their class bubbles during lunchtime.  We are therefore using the following menu every week for the time being:


Years 1 & 2 menu is below.  This menu comes into effect from Tuesday 2nd November until further notice.

The children choose from the menu each morning and the cook makes up "hot boxes" containing their preferred choice of food each day: 


The Reception menu is below and the children choose their preferred option each morning:



Cheese pasty

Jacket potato & cheese



Cheese & pepper Rolls


Fish Fingers

Mediterranean pasta



Macaroni Cheese






Below is our HGIS School Dinner Menu.  As part of Cityserve, the cook provides a variety of lunches that hopefully appeal to everyone's taste.  We are a Healthy school and always offer a wide variety of fruit and vegetables at lunchtime. We would be happy to hear your feedback on our school lunches.


If your child normally brings in a packed lunch, but you would like them to have pizza and chips on a Friday, please let the office staff know.  There is no charge for school dinners in the Infant School.