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Monster Phonics Information


Monster Phonics is a DFE validated Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme. It is both fun and engaging, perfect for helping children learn phonics skills as well as supporting parents at this time.


What is Monster Phonics?

Monster Phonics makes learning to read and spell through phonics easier, by categorising the 44 sounds into 10 categories and each of these 10 categories are represented by a Monster.  Each Monster is a different colour, and this colour represents that way of spelling the sound.  This makes learning to read and spell much easier and more fun. The child learns through the assignment of colour and the linkage of the sound, as well as seeing the colour, creating more ways of remembering the spelling. Your teacher will be using games, songs and activities that continuously reflect this way of learning, so that structure is constantly seen, heard and experienced by your child. This consistency is critical in ensuring that a complicated language is learnt in the most simplistic way. Here is a brief introduction to Monster Phonics and an opportunity to meet the monsters!

Introduction to Monster Phonics

Monster Phonics Actions

Pure Speech Sounds