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Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
At Key Stage 1 Geography involves, learning about the world we live in, children are taught to use a range of skills to develop their geographical knowledge. Children begin by finding out about their local environment and the people who live there, and they then begin to develop a greater understanding of our world, children will have the opportunity to learn about the UK, capital cities, continents, the five oceans and they learn to compare where we live, to different countries, looking at both physical and human features. In our school this begins in Nursery and continues to develop through to Year 2, building on what the children learn in each year group. 

We give the children opportunities to go on visits and participate in local walks, which help them become more familiar with our locality and their surroundings. Children are given the opportunity to use a range of resources such as maps, pictures, books, measuring equipment and a range of ICT which helps to improve their geographical enquiry skills.  

Look at the pictures to find out what we have been learning about.

Year 1

Year 1  1 We have labelled the UK.
Year 1  2 We have compared two localities.
Year 1  3 We have found out about the 7 continents.
Year 1  4 We have been keeping track of the weather.