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Year 2

Great Fire Of London - Year 2 became detectives and investigated a range of primary and secondary sources. For example, the diary extract is a primary source as it was written at the time the event happened. They are original first-hand accounts from the event. The photographs are secondary sources because they were taken after the event – bakery shop and Pudding Lane sign. We understand that in present time photographs can be primary sources if they are taken at the time of the event.

Great Fire of London

Year 2 visited the West Midlands Safari Park. As well as going on the safari, they explored the Ice Age exhibition. They saw real examples of Ice Age fossils and learned about the process of fossilisation. They discussed what fossils teach us about History and discovered some of the animals which were alive in the Ice Age. Year 2 also took a walk through ‘The Land of the Dinosaurs’. They looked at fossils and talked about what it might have been like for Mary Anning when she discovered pre-historic fossils.

Year 2 Trip to the Safari Park!