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Word Play Week

Our Word Play Festival week was packed with fun and learning! We had live sessions with authors and each day our activities involved writing, reading and art. 


On Monday and Tuesday we looked at the book Grow, Forage and Make by Alys Fowler.  We decorated our own plant pots with colourful patterns and then Alys helped us to plant some peas. We had great fun learning more about plants.

On Wednesday we explored the book A World of Your Own by Laura Carlin. The book takes the reader on a journey to create their own imaginary world. With the help of the Let's Make Art workshop we enjoyed using our imaginations to create our own wonderful creatures and characters from different images and pictures. Have a look at out completed artwork.


On Thursday the author of My Dad is a Grizzly Bear, Swapna Haddow joined us on Teams all the way from New Zealand. She read her book and then showed us how to draw a picture of a bear using objects from around our classroom. Have a look at our drawings.

On Friday we met the author of Taking Time, Jo Loring Fisher. Together we created a fantastic sound poem using lots of different animals. It was wonderful seeing her drawing the animals on the screen and trying to guess what each one would be. It was very noisy and lots of fun!

Dress Up Day!

On Friday we dressed up as our favourite characters. School was full of princesses, dragons, wolves and superheroes!