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Summer 1

This half term we are re-launching our Reading Rocket scheme. Please remember to read every night and get your diary signed. The more you read the more your rocket moves and the more certificates and prizes you could win!!

Half Term Homework

Seaside project.



Our topic after half term will be the seaside. Your homework is to research and collect information on a seaside town in the UK.

You can present your findings however you like.

Here are some ideas of things you could do…


  • Write a story set in a seaside town of your choice.

  • Research and write about what seaside towns were like in the past and what they are like now.

  • Talk to someone about their experiences of the seaside or write about your own experiences of a visit you have had.

  • Create a poster all about a seaside town. What you will see, what is there, where it is on a map!

  • Draw or paint a picture of your seaside town.

  • Create a seaside in a box! Use a shoebox to make your own 3D seaside

Maths Group 1 and 2 28.05.21

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