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Sports Premium

P.E. Impact March 2018 document

Review of 2017-2018

Through the sports Premium funding we have been able to provide various CDP opportunities and the premium enabled the school to continue to buy into the PE Hub scheme which has become an invaluable resource. It has also enabled us to bring in high quality dance coaches to develop the skills and knowledge of our teaching staff in order to offer high quality Dance lesson through team teaching. Throughout the year we were able to offer free multiskills and Ta Kwon Do afterschool club sessions and due to the high demand and success of the Ta Kwon Do club we hope to be able to offer this again over this academic year. The funding has enabled us resource our PE lessons effectively and replenish/update the relevant equipment. For the year 2017/18 we will carry forward our focus on delivering high quality dance PE lessons.


This academic year (2017-18) we are continuing to have a strong focus on our provision for PE and sport as the government on a legacy to the 2012 London Olympics, is providing funding of 150 million to improve provisional of Physical Education (PE) and sport in primary schools.

The sports premium has been invaluable over the last year and has been very successful in resourcing our current PE scheme supporting staff to provide high quality PE lessons. Through the sports premium we have been able to join with the Kings Heath Sports Partnership. This has provided CPD for staff, intra school games opportunities and provided high quality cricket coaching in school. The partnership has been an invaluable resource and we will continue to benefit from this alliance in 2017-2018.

The Sports Premium has enabled us to resource our new PE scheme and refresh our PE equipment. This will continue throughout the current academic year to enhance our PE lessons. We offered free afterschool clubs last year and will continue to do so this year.


How we plan to spend it and the impact

The Sports Premium allocation for this year is £9381.00.

  • Affiliation to the Kings Heath Sports Partnership, which aims to ‘build a brighter future for young people through PE and sports. ’This will increase the number of sports opportunities, enable children to compete in competitive sports with other schools and provide valuable support and advice £1,500

  • Continue to update and add to equipment and apparatus in order to ensure high quality teaching £2,000

  • We plan to introduce a new exciting school club and also keep Ta Kwon Do and running throughout the year giving children the opportunity to engage in new sports and not miss out due to financial constraints. Fun breakfast sports clubs will be ran during Spring 2 and the summer term £1,500

  • Bring high quality CPD training for the whole school in areas identified by staff for increased skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence £1,500

  • To provide training days and the cover for staff to attend training to further their knowledge and professional development. This in turn will improve the experience the children receive in PE lessons £1,500



  • More confident teachers, delivering high quality PE lessons, which in turn engage, motivate and enthuse pupils

  • Increased participation in school sport through the addition of before and after school clubs which will enable children to access new sports

  • Developing healthy lifestyles and reach performance levels children are capable of

  • Competent and confident pupils able to excel in a broad range of physical activities

  • Pupils have the ability to be physically active for sustained periods of time, improving health and promoting a positive attitude toward exercise


    Throughout the year we will measure the impact of the sports premium through learning walks, staff questionnaires, pupil voice and data analysis


    Our aim is ensure that all our children achieve 'Our Aspiration' of being "Happy, Healthy and Kind" through the effective use of Sports Premium Funding. This will help us to keep the proportion of overweight or obese children as low as possible and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. It will also help us to sustain these improvements through the effective coaching and training that all staff receive through the Sports Premium.