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Rights Respecting Schools Award

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We have been awarded the UNICEF Rights Aware Silver Award.

We have been awarded the UNICEF Rights Aware Silver Award. 1
UNICEF came into school on 10th October and Team UNICEF took them round school and showed them our Class Charters.  The children were so good at knowing 'Our Rights' that we have been awarded the Silver Award.  Look out for our new Silver Award banner which will be going up outside school very soon.

We are really pleased to announce that our wonderful Hall Green Infant School has been certified with the:

We are really pleased to announce that our wonderful Hall Green Infant School has been certified with the: 1




The Rights Respecting Schools Award puts children’s rights at the heart of schools in the UK.

Unicef works with schools in the UK to create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive. Achieving the Rights Respecting Schools Award will mean we have embedded these values in daily school life and given children the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives and to be responsible, active citizens.


Using the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as our guide, we are working towards developing how we talk about rights. Children can show their understanding of Rights by discussing personal and global matters with the people around them. To help your discussions at home here are some ideas for you to talk about . . . 

Meet Team Unicef!

Team Unicef were created as the Steering Group for the Rights Respecting Schools Award.

Included in our team are some committed adults to help the children raise awareness of local and global issues the children should get involved in knowing, understanding and helping.


As a group we have met to talk about the Convention of the Rights of the Child, put up posters to display the rights and talked to groups of KS1 and Reception children to find out what they have learnt so far.

All classes have completed their class charters. 

This means we are explaining our classroom rules in terms of rights, for example:

The Right: All children have the right to say what they think.

The Action: Put up your hand to take a turn to talk.

The Respect: Listen to other children who wish to say what they think too.


Our class charters are up in our classrooms displaying what our children have learned, and what they feel they want to make important in their daily lives. The words we have written are words we want the children to be using in their everyday language.


Try looking at the charters online with your child. Talk to them about what rights they feel are important right now.

Our UNICEF Playground Challenge

We had a fantastic time during our Playground Challenge Day. Every year group, including Nursery took part in the playground challenge in the KS1 playground. We then carried out work in our classrooms finding out a little more about the people and countries we were raising money for. We managed to raise a staggering £535.32 in school! This was then match funded by the government, pound for pound so totalling in excess of £1000. Well done to everybody who not only took part in this event but also donated to this great cause. Please see pictures below of the work we did on the day in our OWL books. smiley

Unicef Playground Challenge - Our OWL books

Article 28

Article 28 1

Children at Hall Green Infants have been thinking about why they come to school.

We have discussed what they enjoy while at school and how all the staff make them feel safe.

We have also begun to think about those who do not enjoy their right to go to school and become more aware of places in the world where access to a school is difficult for many reasons. Talk with your child about some of the pictures below, they all show journey's children take to school.

Article 12

Article 12 1

All children have the right to say what they think.

All classes have made this an important feature of our class charters and use it in our lessons when reminding each other to put our hands up and listen to other children.

What can you do at home?

Have you ever watched Harry Potter?

Have you thought about how he was kept at home by his Aunt and Uncle?

Did they ever really listen to him?

Harry's rights were violated when they treated him this way.

Look at some popular films you enjoy at home - what rights are enjoyed or violated?

Picture 1

Talk about Article 31

Talk about Article 31 1 Article 31 All children have the right to play

We have been enjoying learning about Children’s Rights as part of the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Award. We are working our way towards the Award so need to get talking more about the rights of the child. We will be adding some of the rights or ‘articles’ to our newsletters. You can share them with your family and discuss the importance of how we can make sure everybody should enjoy their rights.

February 2017

February 2017 1

We have been very busy working and learning to know more about the Rights of the Child as part of goal to achieve the Rights Respecting Schools Award. We have created a group called the Unicef Team made up of children, teachers and parents to help encourage and deliver ways for children to better understand their rights.

Article 22 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child states:

“You have the right to special protection and help if you are a refugee, as well as all the rights in this Convention.”

As part of this, our Unicef Team member, Jenny Moore will be giving a reading to people wishing to help refugees at a fund raising event. All families of Hall Green Infant School are welcome to attend and it will be an excellent opportunity for children to show their support and discuss the global needs of other children.