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At Hall Green the teaching and learning that takes place in R.E. provides plenty of opportunities for children to really develop ideas they have about themselves as well as broadening their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and the different beliefs that people hold.


Picture 1
Picture 2 We had dancers to celebrate Vaisakhi.
Picture 3
Picture 4 Vaisakhi display
Picture 5 Reception classes made Vaisakhi cards.
Picture 6 We did some lovely work on crosses for Easter
Picture 7 A cross is an important symbol for Christians.
Picture 8 Diwali cards
Picture 9 Diwali cards
Picture 10 Diwali display
Picture 11 Discussions about appreciation of our world
Picture 12 We celebrate special days and religious festivals.
Picture 13 A picture of Rama and Sita.
Picture 14 Christian artefacts.
Picture 15 A Sikh boy doll we use with our youngest children.
Picture 16 Some of the resources we use for teaching Hinduism
Picture 17 Religious artefacts and resources for Muslim faith
Picture 18 Harvest festival assembly
Picture 19 Harvest festival assembly
Picture 20 Harvest festival assembly
Picture 21 Harvest festival assembly
Picture 22 Easter Celebrations
Picture 23 Easter Celebrations
Picture 24 Easter Celebrations
Picture 25 Celebrating Eid
Picture 26 A visit from Santa!
Picture 27 Bollywood dancer, Reena came to dance.
Picture 28 Reena showed us some Indian dancing.