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Rain Before Rainbows by Smriti Halls

On the second day of Word Play Week, we had a live session with Smriti Halls who wrote 'Rain Before Rainbows'. The book is about a young girl and her fox companion who travel together through uncertain times towards the hope of colour, light and life. During their journey they find friends and support as they travel towards the rainbow they know will come after the rain. 

Smriti read us her book and talked all about why she wrote the story. We wrote a poem as a year group and combined our own ideas with the last 8 lines of her book. We really enjoyed writing it together. You can read here: 

My Rainbow is...

As red as juicy berries,

As orange as a beautiful sunset,

As yellow as a twinkling star,

As green as a sour lime,

As blue as a big sky,

As pink as a lovely big heart,

Rain before rainbows, 
Clouds before sun, 

Night before daybreak, 

A new day's begun.

A day full of promise, 

a day full of light, 

The morning is breaking...

And the morning is bright. 


Following our workshop with Smriti we took part in some other activities related to her book. We made our own beautiful rainbows using tissue paper and wrote adjectives to describe how you feel during a bad situation and how you feel once you've come out of the bad situation. We also worked in pairs to act out different sections of the story with one of us being the girl and one being the fox.