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Getting fit in our before school club!

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LazyTown - Wake up! Shake up! (UK 2010)

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Gross Motor Club

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Picture 1 We can stay healthy by riding our bikes to school.
Picture 2 We enjoyed riding our bikes to school.
Picture 3 Year 2 danced like robots!
Picture 4 Year 1 had fun at fitness club.
Picture 5 Over and under
Picture 6 Up and down up and down
Picture 7 How many times can you step up and down?
Picture 8 Year 2 went to a cricket festival
Picture 9 I'm ready for the ball!
Picture 10 Get ready!!!!
Picture 11 They had such fun!
Picture 12 Good hit!
Picture 13 Quick RUN!!!!!!
Picture 14 I'll race you!
Picture 15 The bike park!
Picture 16 We tried really hard to keep our legs straight.
Picture 17 We put a full stop at the end of our sequence
Picture 18 Wow! you're a great gymnast!
Picture 19 We had to keep very still
Picture 20 Can you get your legs as high as mine?
Picture 21 Practice makes perfect!
Picture 22 We pulled ourselves along the bench
Picture 23 We had to use all our strength
Picture 24 We can travel in different ways around the hall.
Picture 25 Can you move like us?
Picture 26 Keep going... don't stop
Picture 27 We worked with a partner to create a dance routine
Picture 28 Sponsored skip for Britsh Heart Foundation
Picture 29 Look at the concentration!
Picture 30 Even the teachers had a go
Picture 31 Year 1 can move
Picture 32 We had fun in P.E.
Picture 33 How many skips can you do?
Picture 34 We can travel on our hands and feet.
Picture 35 We raised lots of money. Thanks for your support!
Picture 36 Look at the concentration!
Picture 37 What good skippers!
Picture 38 Wow! You're good at skipping!
Picture 39 We had such fun!