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Our Behaviour Curriculum

Behaviour At HGIS 



We believe that all children who attend Hall Green Infant and Nursery school are at various stages in their development of learning social skills and acceptable behaviour.  We believe that a happy and safe school environment greatly contributes to helping our children achieve their very best, enabling them to develop into caring, respectful and responsible citizens of the future.  At our school we emphasise the importance of being positive, and nurturing an environment that is happy and safe for all.  As a school we are committed to maintaining high expectations of behaviour as we believe this enables children to achieve their very best in their learning.

There are six key beliefs upon which our behaviour curriculum is based:

· In partnership with parents, we have a responsibility to ensure that our pupils understand expectations for behaviour and have opportunities to celebrate positive behaviour;

· We believe that when a child demonstrates unacceptable behaviour, it is the behaviour which is unacceptable, not the child;

 · Pupils must reflect on their behaviour choices and take responsibility for their unacceptable behaviour;

· We encourage our pupils to feel that anything is possible, to approach all aspects of school with confidence, and to seize every opportunity to have a go;

 · Through dedication and hard work, and by applying a reflective restorative approach to behaviour choices, all children can demonstrate behaviour in line with the school’s high expectations;

· Every day is a new day.


Our Learning Behaviours

We promote and celebrate Our Learning Behaviours as we believe they are important and facilitate excellent learning.  Our Learning Behaviours have been created with children, parents / carers and staff.

  • Spark-A-tron – “When we learn we sparkle!”  Children have a natural aptitude towards learning and we aim to engage our children with a meaningful and exciting curriculum.
  • Imagine-O-saurous  - Reminds us to notice, explore and imagine
  • Challenge-O-saurous – Reminds us to challenge ourselves
  • Try-O-dactyl – Reminds us to keep on learning, keep on trying and never give up
  • Reflect-O-saurous – Reminds us to look back at our work and reflect and see how we can improve it
  • Team-O-tron – Reminds us how to work together as a team to achieve all our goals