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Growing and Learning Together
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Our Aspirations

Our "New" Aspirations

The world is a fast changing place. We want to prepare our children not for the world we live in today, but for the world as it will be when they finish their education. We considered the values and skills they will need to have meaningful lives and make a positive contribution to the global community.

“ Our children are the messages we send
to a future we shall never see!”


We worked with parents, children, staff and governors to create Our Aspirations and made them into a visual text. They are now displayed prominently around school for children and teachers to refer to as the core purposes for our teaching and learning. They also provide an agreed set of aims for our whole school community that are a basis for everything we do.

'Growing and Learning Together'  

at Hall Green Infant and Nursery School


Growing and Learning Together' is our school motto. Our owl logo was designed by the children and it represents us growing up and growing wiser.


At our school we want every child to feel valued as an individual. We encourage them to develop academically to the best of their ability but also foster their personal and social development to equip them for the future.


We had our last Ofsted inspection in February 2023 and we are proud to say that we are judged by Ofsted as a good school.