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Nursery is your child’s first exciting step as they begin their school journey.  Our main aim during the initial weeks is to ensure that each child feels safe, settled and secure where they develop positive relationships and bonds with those around them. By the end of the first term you’ll be amazed by their confidence and ability.


At Hall Green, we know and understand that children learn rapidly through rich opportunities, where they explore, investigate and discover. Our topic based curriculum provides activities that are engaging, meaningful and fun. In order to achieve this, we carefully plan a progressive curriculum, guided by the children’s interests’ and questions to ensure all pupils succeed. We provide many hands on experiences and with the right balance of challenge and support. Children are actively involved in a range of memorable learning experiences which promote creativity, independence and enjoyment.


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Nursery 2020 21

A New Beginning 2020-21

Marvellous Me!

The children will be learning about themselves and their family. 

Marvellous Me! Autumn 1 Learning Adventure

Ready Teddy Go!

The children will be learning to retell stories and explore bears.  They will take part in activities to prepare for a party for a very special Bear!

Ready Teddy Go! Autumn 2 Learning Adventure

Friday 6th November

Today the children will be bringing home a book from the book box in a special School Book Bag.  Please keep this book and bag safe. 

Please find a letter and a Reading Record to read in the bag.  Parents are asked to support their child by sharing the book and filling in the record book on a weekly basis.  Details of this are to be found in the record book.  Books will be changed every Friday and any home activity to be completed will be placed in the book bag also.  



Thank you for your continued support.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The children have been listening to and taking part in activities relating to the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  The children have been learning to retell the story in different ways; using small world play, sensory bottles, sequencing pictures to make zig-zag books, creating a role-play cave and finally taking part in the Bear hunt itself out in the garden!  We have also been making maps and journeys and finding out about different types of bears.  

Pooh Bear's 4th Birthday

On Friday 11th December we held a party to celebrate Pooh Bear's 4th Birthday.  During this special week, the children have been busy preparing for the event; writing shopping lists, invitations and birthday cards, printing 2D shaped party hats, making paper chain decorations and creating cakes from stickle bricks.  During the party we danced to music and presented Pooh Bear with a birthday cake which we had made ourselves!  We helped Pooh to blow out the candles and sang Happy Birthday to him.  We gave Pooh Bear the cards and sampled our cake which was delicious!  We all had a wonderful time and look forward to our next learning adventure.

Christmas Week

During the last week of the Autumn Term the children took part in many Christmas related activities from printing shapes onto Christmas trees to making tall chimneys from construction.  The children have created Christmas cards and calendars to take home and practised their scissor skills when making a snowflake hat to wear for the Christmas party.  We had an action packed party, making colourful place mats, dancing and party games and  we even had a virtual visit from a very 'festive' man aka Santa!  The children had a fabulous time and a very memorable experience was had by all.

Our Christmas song

The children have been learning the words and practising their singing for our Christmas song, to perform for all to see.  All of their hard work has really paid off and we hope you enjoy the song as much as we have had, performing it!

On the Move!

The children will be learning about different types of transport and exploring remote control cars and programmable robots. They will continue to listen to stories which many of our activities will be based upon.

On the Move! Spring 1 Learning Adventure

Phase 1 Phonics - Correct Pronunciation 

We have now reached a time where many of the children are taking an interest in the letters and sounds around them.  It is therefore IMPORTANT that as well as knowing the letter name, the children HEAR AND SAY THE SOUNDS CORRECTLY. This will help with early reading later on in their lives.

Below is a video clip that demonstrates clear and correct pronunciation of each individual sound.

I hope you will find this information useful and supports you when helping your child with their phonics.

Sounds of the English Phonic Code -Synthetic Phonics.wmv

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code, when teaching children to read with...


This half term's learning will be based upon nursery rhymes.. The children will learn to recite familiar rhymes and find out about our natural world.  We will be continuing to draw and write in our own way and explore the concepts of length and weight.  In Maths we shall be beginning to combine two groups to find the total amount.  During phonics we will continue to explore rhyming words and learn to hear and identify initial sounds in words.

Rhyme Time! Spring 2 Learning Adventure

Science Week

This week, Nursery children have been learning about Space.  Our rhyme of the week was Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer.  We have been exploring who travels and how they travel into space.  We have found out, who the first astronaut was, who landed on the moon!

During the week the Nursery children practised their cutting and assembling skills and have been very creative making flying saucers from a range of resources and explored shape by creating rockets.  We explored how it would feel on the very cold planets Neptune and Uranus by making ice gardens, collecting natural materials from outside, adding water and freezing them.  

We had lots of fun!

Perfect Pets!

The children will be exploring different types of pets we can keep in our homes and learn about what they need and how to care for them. 

Perfect Pets! Summer 1 Learning Adventure

bed foa Pet

Today, Tuesday 25th May we had a special day making a bed for a pet.  The children chose their own resources to make their bed for their chosen pet.  They had a busy time gluing and sticking a range of materials.  Take a look below at the amazing creations!


Today, Thursday 27th May we explored the texture of clay.  We used it to make a rabbit's head.  We used our 'Dough Disco' skills which we learn every Friday to make a ball of clay for a head and clay sausages for ears.  Look below at our fantastic models.


This week we read two stories.  'In the Half Room' by Carson Ellis and 'A World of your Own' by Laura Carlin.  The children enjoyed listening to the stories and were the focus for our weeks activities.  On Friday we all dressed up as characters, some of us brought in the book from where our character comes from too!

HealthBody, HealthMind, Festival

We have been learning about how to keep fit and healthy.  We have enjoyed being active in the garden and exploring how we look after ourselves with what we eat and during the hot sunny weather.

Fuithe Sun

This half term we shall be exploring going on holiday to the beach and keeping ourselves safe in the sunshine.  We will be reading stories about the beach and seaside.

Fun in the Sun! Summer 2 Learning Adventure