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In Reception it is important to support your child to learn to read. As such, we suggest that much of the homework you do with your child should be helping them with their PHONICS AND READING.

We ask that you help your child  learn the HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS sent home in their Monster Phonics Home Book and to hear them READ throughout the week to develop their phonic decoding skills. Please practice blending using the word lists sent home in the Monster Phonics Home Book and in the homework links below.

Please remember to complete the Reading Record on the interactive platform to show this has happened. 


After Christmas, each half term the children will be given homework relating to their next Learning Adventure. 

We will put a list of suggested activities for you to do at home.  Over the half term, you and your child can choose to do as few or as many of these as you would like. As a guide, you might like to do one per fortnight. Your child can record it any way you choose – photographs, drawing, writing etc. Please send a completed activity in to school so the teacher can share and enjoy your child’s home learning.


As we are an eco-friendly school we do not provide children with a paper copy of homework. You will need to print this out at home. If you do not have access to a printer, please let your child's teacher know so that they can provide you with a copy.


Many Thanks.