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Playground Improvement Ideas

Eco Warriors February 2020

This is an empty space in our playground.    We think it needs turning into a garden.  Something special and accessible for all the children at HGIS.

We are going to design a wonderful new garden and show our ideas to Mrs Wood to see if we can use this space and make our outdoor environment pleasing, exciting and another place we can learn in.   

I can draw, colour, print, cut and stick to show all the great ideas I would like us to have at school.

What do you think we should have?   What would you like here to learn about?


What would you design?

This is the way we littler pick on a cold and frosty morning! And recycle too!

We have something to say about this.

Please keep our school litter free!

Still image for this video

Our Eco Warriors have tested out growing some fruit and vegetables in our garden.

We have had some set backs with extreme weather and weeds ever taking over, but now we have tomatoes and strawberries!

In 2020, we intend to develop what we grow in the garden and dig even deeper.

We have teamed up with TEAM UNICEF to think about how 'growing our own' could benefit the children and keep our school healthy.

Watch out in 2020 - new things will be springing up around us!


The Eco Warriors have been doing their best to help the school recycle their paper waste.

There is a lot of paper used in schools and it important to recycle as much as possible.

As you can see, these Eco Warriors are really pleased with their efforts to help the school - and the planet!

September 2018

The Eco Warriors visited the garden to see how it had changed over the summer period. 

They saw how over grown it had become and was full of weeds.

The Warriors wasted no time in getting their gloves on and getting stuck into weeding to start making the place lovely again.

They realised what a big task it would be so set off to ask Year 1 and Mr Green for lots more hands!  

Litter Picking July 18

Our Earth Hour contributions in 2017

Our Aims

To look after our school environment.

To Make school a safe place to play and learn.

To keep plant life healthy and clean.

To help others understand how to help look after our surrounding areas.

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