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Autumn Term

Christmas Arts Week

Pupils enjoyed taking part in lots of fun Christmas activities.

Snow Queen Performance

All of Hall Green Infants enjoyed a great performance of the Snow Queen.

Rock Steady Performances

Well done to all the pupils involved in the Rock Steady performances. The bands were brilliant and a huge thank you to Tom for supporting our pupils. Rock On Year 1!  

D.E.A.R - Drop Everything And Read

Pupils enjoyed the DEAR session. They got to choose a book and enjoyed reading in a comfortable place.


Pupils learnt about the English scientist John Dalton in their Science lessons. Like Dalton, they were meteorologist for the lesson and they made windsocks to measure the direction of wind. You did a great job 1EY!

Mystery Reader

A huge thank you to parents who have volunteered to be a mystery reader and read a book to the children. The pupils were elated to have a parent read them a story. We hope to have more mystery readers. 

Year 1 had a whole day to review previous learning from the first half term. They recapped on food hygiene, healthy and unhealthy eating, designed a healthy pizza and recalled how bread was made in the past. They used all the skills and knowledge acquired to make healthy pizzas. They made the pizza dough and added their healthy choice of toppings. Well done to all of Year 1 you made delicious healthy pizzas!

Mastering Number

Pupils identifying odd and even numbers in Mastering Number. Great work 1EY!


In Geography, pupils used atlases to identify the countries that make up the United Kingdom. Great map work 1EY! 

Birmingham City Mission

Thank you to Birmingham City Mission for the enlightening assembly which highlighted the amazing charity work you do for people in need. Year 1 pupils really enjoyed listening to the story telling delivered through art. 


Caught in action! 1EY had lots of fun during PE, learning different ways to jump and how to land safely. 

Reading for Pleasure Workshop

A huge thank you to all the wonderful parents who showed up for the Reading for Pleasure Workshop. It was a great session, full of engaging activities related to reading. A taster of different fun activities you can do at home with your children, to make reading pleasurable!

Healthy sandwich making in DT

1EY making healthy sandwiches which they thoroughly enjoyed making and eating!


Pupils in 1EY enjoyed having their party food during Diwali celebrations!

Care for your Bear

1EY were excited to bring in their bears!

We discussed and shared ideas of the different ways we care for our bears, and the activities we do with our favourite cuddly toys!

Our Visit to Sarehole Mill

1EY enjoyed their visit to Sarehole Mill! They learnt about the history of the mill and how millers ground wheat into flour over 100 years ago. Every child was given the opportunity to grind wheat into flour using the millstones. Pupils went inside the mill and got to explore how the machinery worked and how millers used fire lanterns as their source of lighting, as there was no electricity. 

Bread Making in DT

1EY were excited to make bread!