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Half Term Homework Challenge!


After the success of our last science homework challenge we have a new one for you! 

Our topic this term is PLANTS .

Your homework over half term is to create a plants project.

You can be as creative as you like! 

Some ideas are

- create your own plants diorama with trees and plants you might find in a specific area

- go on a nature walk and identify plants and tress you see! (take photos!)

- Research plants and trees in our area or compare to other parts of the world

- make and label your own 3D or 2D plant

- make a plant poster 

- do a drawing of detailed sketch of different plants or leaves

- make a leaf collage with leaves and things fallen from trees in your area


Enjoy getting outside this half term and use the nice weather to get creative with your science project! 

Please return them to school by Friday 9th June and there will be a prize for the most creative and interesting from each class!

Below are some ideas to get you started !



Writing - try to complete at least one sheet with your best handwriting and detailed sentences