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Values Education

We follow a programme of Values Education. The concept behind this is to develop children’s emotional intelligence through giving them opportunities to explore the values on which our society is based and the vocabulary to express themselves. Our parents are also involved in our Value of the Month and have given us some very positive feedback about the impact of our Values Education on their children’s social development.


We look at a different value each month over a two year period and this provides a focus for our Collective Worship, Religious Education and Personal and Social Education.


These are some of our values:- Caring, Courage, Friendship, Respect, Appreciation, Hope, Responsibility, Tolerance, Honesty, Perseverance and Patience.

Picture 1 Hope
Picture 2 Hope
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6 Halima completed this at home
Picture 7 The Value of the Month for June
Picture 8 Values Bear!
Picture 9 Co-operation
Picture 10 Understanding
Picture 11 Peace
Picture 12 Trust
Picture 13 Patience
Picture 14 Caring
Picture 15 Courage
Picture 16 Happiness
Picture 17 Friendship
Picture 18 Politeness
Picture 19 The Value of the Month for May
Picture 20 Well done RRG!
Picture 21 A very moral story about Peter and the Wolf by RCT
Picture 22 A very creative display by RST.
Picture 23 A lovely display about honesty by RAM.