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Our school Eco Warriors have been chosen by their teachers for their caring nature and consideration for the environment around them. They are children that have the responsibility of looking after our school environment and encouraging others in school to do the same.  They will meet on a half termly basis to discuss environment issues, concerns or improvements and actively improve our environment.



September 2017

The new Eco Warriors have been chosen by their peers and teachers as they have shown a wonderful sense of caring about their classrooms and the environment. They are responsible and helpful children who will be part of our team to look after and suggest ways of improving the school, playground and gardens.



January 2018

The Eco Warriors met for a tour of the school grounds. They noted how there was some litter the wind and rain may have blown around and they wished to clear it up. Warriors saw the sensory garden was a little dead after the Winter and suggested clearing away the leaves to make it ready for the new plants to grow through.  They saw the daffodils were already growing in the raised flower beds and were pleased to see the beds were already still clear for the plants to keep growing!


May 2018

The Eco Warriors discussed ways our school helps the environment. They decided that the Sensory Garden is growing well and attracts the wildlife. They also thought that in some areas of the school we were good at switching off lights and the interactive whiteboards. they also discussed what we need to develop/ improve on in school. they suggested we tidy up and re-plant any planters in our school grounds, cut down on the amount of paper we use in school and monitor the areas where lights/ interactive whiteboards are being left on. Children also felt that as they walked around the school playground that there was lots of rubbish so they are going to have a litter picking session and encourage people to pick up their own rubbish at playtime and lunchtime.


July 18

The Eco Warriors spent some time today litter picking around the school grounds. Please see the photos below.





Litter Picking July 18

Our Earth Hour contributions in 2017

Our Aims

To look after our school environment.

To Make school a safe place to play and learn.

To keep plant life healthy and clean.

To help others understand how to help look after our surrounding areas.

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