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Our aim is to equip children with a variety of skills and experiences to allow them to become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art and craft techniques. We build upon prior knowledge from Nursery through to Year 2. We do this by providing a stimulating environment with positive attitudes towards art, developing exploration, creativity and imagination as a form of communication and expression and developing skills such as observation, perception and manipulation of media, materials and tools.  We also provide opportunities to develop the skills which enable children to evaluate their own work and those of other artists, including those from different times and cultures.  We also aim to ensure children know about great artists, craft makers and designers and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

Art Competitions!

Why not show off your child's artistic talents by applying for an online competition!

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Displays 2016-17


Autumn  1 Year 2 - A cross curricular planets display.
Autumn  2 ' Rocket' using mixed media.
Autumn  3 What medium has been used to create this picture?
Autumn  4 Look at the different tones of orange and red.
Autumn  5 This planet is very textured!
Autumn  6 Look! Art is a creative way to learn maths.
Autumn  7
Autumn  8 Year 2 - Silver Birch Class display.
Autumn  9 Look at the detail on the tree trunks.
Autumn  10 Year 2 - Holly Class.
Autumn  11 A colourful music Display.
Autumn  12 Year 1 - Author of the term display.
Autumn  13 Which artist has Year 1 been learning about?
Autumn  14 What shapes has this artist focused upon?
Autumn  15 Year 1 - Cross curricular dinosaur display.
Autumn  16 The background is a 'wash' technique.
Autumn  17 Fabulous textures to create the dinosaur skin.
Autumn  18 A row of silhouettes.
Autumn  19 Year 1 - Class display.
Autumn  20 Year 1 - Seasonal hall display.
Autumn  21 Reception - Willow Class display.
Autumn  22 A Willow tree collage.
Autumn  23 Oak tree Class have printed their trees.
Autumn  24 Reception - A colourful first paintings display.
Autumn  25 Maths been taught in a creative way!
Autumn  26 Recption - collage portraits.



Picture 1 Yr art display
Picture 2 Yr1 pastel work inspired by Karla Gerard
Picture 3 Yr1 collage based around Karla Gerard
Picture 4 Yr1 art work inspired by Karla Gerard
Picture 5 Yr 2 Great Fire of London inspired by Edvard Munch
Picture 6 Nursery art work 'Hot air Balloon'
Picture 7 Nursery art work 'Hot air Balloon'
Picture 8 Reception art work 'The three Little Pigs'

Arts Week 2017

Arts week takes place during 3rd April to 7th April 2017.  Our theme for the week is 'Bears' to tie in with the launch of Birmingham's 'Big Sleuth' project. Our theme for the bear sculpture is based upon the sun.  Also known as the 'Sun' bear our inspiration has been taken from artwork based around images of the sun.  Many artists have produced colourful and striking images with which our children will become familiar with during Arts Week.  During Arts week each class will take inspiration from an artist and every child in school will use the artist's style and medium to create a bold 'sunshine' design of their own.  These designs will be used to decorate the 'bear' Sculpture.


Arts Week is not just about creative work but the performing arts such as drama and music which play an important role throughout this week also.  It's hopeful our 'Bear' themed Arts Week will get the juices flowing and release the creativity inside every one of us!

Picture 1 Nursery children were inspired by Jackson Pollock.
Picture 2 We had a go at 'Action' painting.
Picture 3 Our Jackson Pollock piece of artwork.
Picture 4 Creating our 'sunshine' designs.
Picture 5 A Jackson Pollock painting.
Picture 6 More 'Action' Painting.
Picture 7 Look at our masterpiece!

The Big Sleuth Bear sculpture is revealed!

After many weeks of hard work, our bear 'Ray' has been completed and revealed to the whole school during assembly time.  We think he looks amazing and we hope you will do too!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


10 July – 17 September 2017

After months of hi-bear-nation, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art are pleased to announce Birmingham’s The Big Sleuth will launch on Monday 10 July.

The highly anticipated free, 10-week public art trail, named because ‘sleuth’ is a group of bears, will see Bear-mingham engulfed in colour with up to 100, 165cm tall sculptures taking to the region’s streets, parks and open spaces.

Showcasing the artistic and cultural diversity the city has to offer, the family-friendly trail is intended to inspire residents and tourists alike to get active by walking, jogging, running or cycling The Big Sleuth Trail.

Located across the city, with satellite trails in Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Sandwell and at Resorts World, the fantastic spectacle will culminate on Sunday 17 September.


We now know where 'Ray' is going to be displayed as part of The Big Sleuth Trail around Birmingham.  You will be able to see him positioned in The Custard Factory.  Please have a family day out and enjoy the colourful experience.

The Big Sleuth Launch - 28th June 2017


Picture 1 'The Big Sleuth' launch 2017
Picture 2 Making bear 'ears'
Picture 3 Important speeches given by the organisers.
Displays 2015-16
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 A dramatic city scape
Picture 5
Picture 6 A city Scape created by Year 2 pupils
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11 Knights and Castles Year 1 display
Picture 12 Look at the coat of arms on the shields.
Picture 13 Colourful shields
Picture 14 Look at the shields the Year 1 pupils have painted
Picture 15 Knights and Castles Year 1 display
Picture 16
Picture 17 Castles created using the cubist style.
Picture 18 Year 1 Castle display
Picture 19 Our Christmas Display in the hall
Picture 20 Arts Week
Picture 21 Arts Week
Picture 22 Arts Week
Picture 23 Arts Week
Picture 24 Year 2 Topic display
Picture 25 Year 2 Topic display
Picture 26 Year 1 display
Picture 27 Year 2 Art Display
Picture 28 Year 1 Topic display
Picture 29 Year 1 Hot Air Balloons
Picture 30 Buddy Afternoon
Picture 31 Buddy Afternoon
Picture 32 Buddy Afternoon
Picture 33
Picture 34 The Rain Forest
Picture 35 The Rain Forest
Picture 36 The Rain Forest
Picture 37 The Rain Forest display created by Year 2 pupils
Picture 38 The Snail
Picture 39 A Minibeast's Garden
Picture 40 Minibeasts
Picture 41 Minibeasts
Picture 42 Minibeasts Reception Class display
Picture 43 Minibeasts
Picture 44 In the Garden
Picture 45 2ST Gaudi Class
Picture 46 2NN Tinga Tinga Class
Picture 47 Another fantastic oil pastel drawing
Picture 48 A colourful oil pastel drawing
Picture 49 A super oil pastel drawing
Picture 50 What is a mosiac?
Picture 51 A wonderful mosaic inspired by the work of Gaudi.
Picture 52 Donatello Class
Picture 53 Wonderful clay sculptures
Picture 54 A fantastic head sculpture
Picture 55 Monet Class
Picture 56 A super painting in the style of Monet.
Picture 57 Buddy Afternoon
Picture 58 Buddy Afternoon
Picture 59 Year 2 Art Display
Picture 60 Year 2 Art Display
Picture 61 Year 2 Art Display
Picture 62 Year 2 Art Display
Picture 63 Arts Week 2014
Picture 64 Arts Week 2014
Picture 65 Arts Week 2014
Picture 66 Arts Week 2014
Picture 67 Arts Week 2014
Picture 68 Arts Week 2014
Picture 69 Arts Week 2014
Picture 70 Arts Week 2014
Picture 71 Arts Week 2014
Picture 72 Arts Week 2014
Picture 73 Arts Week 2014
Picture 74 Arts Week 2014
Picture 75 Year 1 Castle display
Picture 76 Year 1 Castle display
Picture 77 Clay owls made by the whole school!
Picture 78 Clay owls made by the whole school!

Arts week 2015


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10