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Year 1

Year One came to school dressed as pirates! They enjoyed making pirate treasure maps, pirate hats and learning the Jolly Roger pirate dance. What a super Pirate Day!


Year 1 Pirate Day!

Year One have been reading books in mixed ability groups to find out facts about knights and castles. They used their exploring and enquiry based learning skills to answer key questions at tables. They recorded the most interesting facts on post it notes. They then shared their facts with rest of the class and made a fact file. Their favourite fact was that they found out in medieval times, people used hay as toilet roll!

Year 1 Researching about Knights and Castles!

Year One went on a school trip to Tamworth Castle! When they arrived they met a lady and her servant. They helped the servant lay the table and learned about the servant’s duties in the castle. Year One then trained as knights and practiced doing some jousting. They even got to look at knights armour and dress a knight! They also explored all the different rooms in the castle such as the Great Hall and the servant’s bedroom.

Year 1 Trip to Tamworth Castle

Jousting was a very popular competition among knights during the middle ages. A joust involved two knights who would charge at each other and try to knock each other off their horses with a lance. Jousting was the highlight of many games and events. The winners were heroes and often won prize money.


Year One recreated a jousting competition! They put on play armour, rode play horses and used play lances for a joust. They took turns at being knights and had a go at (pretend) knocking each other off horses.

Year 1 recreating a historical event!

Year One have been using their enquiry based learning skills to explore facts about their topic Knights & Castles. In teams they read books, looked at fact sheets, watched videos and observed model castles and knights from their small world area to strengthen their knowledge and skills on this topic. This gave them a clear idea of what life was like in the middle ages and what it was like to be a Knight. They also aimed to answer historical questions such as ‘Was it a fun job to be a Knight?’.

Year 1 Knights and Castles

Year One travelled back in time! They looked at some artefacts from the past and compared these to objects we use in our present day lives. Some of these artefacts included telephones, irons and even hot water bottles! Year One labelled the artefacts and decided if they were from the past or present. They looked at the similarities and differences between the artefacts and using their enquiry based skills, they decided how and what they were used for in the past.


Below are some of the artefacts Year One looked at.

Year 1 looking at artefacts from the past and present!

Year 1 were joined by Steve who helped explore and find out more about dinosaurs that lived long ago.  Year 1 used brushes to uncover the skulls, bones, claws and other fossils, just like real palaeontologists!


Steve also showed Year 1 a dinosaur poo which of course made everyone laugh!


Year 1 did however learn that dinosaur poo fossils gave scientists a clue as to whether dinosaurs were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.

Year One had their first ‘Dinosaurs’ small world lesson. They worked in groups to explore different dinosaurs and used them to show how dinosaurs used to live. They also explored a range of books and discussed the different things/facts they found out about dinosaurs. They even made dinosaurs out of different building materials too.

Year 1 Dinosaurs