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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Thank you for visiting the Year 1 class page. This is where you will find lots of information about Year 1  including homework and events and your child's individual class. We regularly update these pages so please check back each week.


Welcome to Mr Hayre!

Class 1SB is currently being taught by Mr Hayre.  He has taught at our school for a number of years and will be familiar to the children, having occasionally taught them when they were in Reception.    Miss Lewis, the Year Group Leader, will also be ensuring that the children’s provision remains consistent and at a high standard.


Please find below your child's spellings for the first Spring Half Term. There are 6 weeks of spelling learning.

Spring 2 Timetable. All Year 1 classes

PE days


Monday afternoon All Classes


Classes swap PE on alternate weeks for

Wednesday & Thursday  afternoons 

Year 1 Homework


Over the holidays, complete the homework by asking your child what they can remember about our

Learning Adventure Hall Green - Let's Explore!

Have a look at the Learning Adventure homework the children can enjoy with you.

Bring in some photos for us to see next half term!

They could end up on the website yes

Year 1 Homework 


In Year 1 children are expected to read at home every day. Please complete the Reading Record to show this has happened.

Children may also use their Education City and Purple Mash Logins from home to enjoy a range of fun learning activities!


Children will receive Maths or English homework on alternate weeks. You will find homework in the relevant areas below. As we are an eco-friendly school we do not provide children with a paper copy of homework. You will need to print this out at home or record it on paper you have at home.

Homework will be available to print every Friday at the end of the school day. Please return completed homework to school by the following Wednesday.  Children will receive stickers for homework completed.


 Please only complete the homework that is specific to your child's group.


Children can also do additional homework linked to our Learning Adventures. You will find this homework above in the star labelled Learning Adventure. Children can choose how and when they complete this homework.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check


As you are aware all Year 1 children will be undertaking the Phonics Screening Check week beginning: 10th June. Please spend time over the May half term holiday getting your child to read as many real words and silly words as possible in preparation for the check. In particular children tend to find the following sounds tricky; a-e, i-e, o-e, u-e, e-e, ew, au and ue, please spend additional time looking at real and silly words that contain these sounds. Please use the link below to access past Phonics Screening Check papers to help you do this.


The first week back after half term will be Fun Phonics! week, during this week we will immerse the children in many different phonics activities so that they are best prepared for the check.


During the week of the Phonics Screening Check the children will start each day with a Phonics session getting them warmed up and ready for the test. Please make sure your child is in school on time so that they don't miss this session.


If you have any questions, please speak to your child's teacher.

Year 1 Phonics Meeting


Please find links below to the PowerPoint used during the phonics workshop. I have added a link on the last page to the government website where you can download past Phonic Screening Check material. I have also added a separate link to the articulation of phonemes video used during this meeting.


If you were unable to attend the meeting please take time to look through these resources. If you have any questions please see your child's class teacher. Resources handed out during the Phonics meeting will be sent out to those parents unable to attend the meeting, later this week.

Year 1 Handwriting Parents Meeting Resources