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Wrap Around Care - Sunshine Club

Sunshine Club September 2020

If you would like a space in Sunshine Club for September 2020 please complete and return the Registration form to as soon as possible.

Sunshine Club Registration & Booking form 2020-2021

Medication Consent Form (Sunshine Club)

Letter regarding Sunshine Club - 21st May 2020

Halloween Party

Halloween is here!!
We are having a Halloween party.
It is fun eating with my friends.
I am trying to scare my friend.
I love party food.
Any one for a sandwich.
This is fun!
We have had a great party!

Welcome Back

I am making big buildings.
Constuctions games are my favourite.
We like dancing with our friends.
Soldiers have long swords like ours.


We are making Easter nest.
We broke the chocolate in pieces.
We put it in the microwave to melt.
Next we added the cornflakes to the chocolate.
Then we mixed them together.
Umm, looks yummy.
I put the egg on the top.
I put chocolate crunch in the cup cake.
Look at our beautiful crunchy nests.
Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Mother's Day!

We are making cards for our mum.
Special cards for special mums.
I made my mum a vase of flowers.
My mum is so special!
look at my beautiful card!
I hope you like it mum!
I am doing colouring for mother's day.