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What's going on at LUNCHTIMES?

There is lots going on at lunchtimes, including: The Gold Marathon, basketball, aerobics, brain gym, skipping, dressing up, and much much more!!!!


The Gold Marathon has been going really well, with all three Year 2 classes taking part. 

We have had a number of children gain their bronze certificate, for running 5 miles and even our first silver certificate, for 15 miles run!

Have a look at the video files below to find out more!  (Video files may take a minute or so to open ready to be played, depending on the speed of your internet connection).


Below the video clips are the certificates the children receive on completion of 5, 15 and 26 miles.

The children with their marathon log books!
Gold Marathon - Bronze Certificate
Gold Marathon - Silver Certificate
Gold Marathon - Gold Certificate
We play cricket!
We play 'Snakes and Ladders'!
We play BIG 'Connect Four'!
We go on the 'GYM KIDS' equipment!
A game with Mrs. Chudasama
We can go on the bikes, cars and scooters
Construction toys!
Rugby with Mrs Darunkanawala