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Week 5 w/c 4.5.20

Week 5

Over this week your child can learn to and practice the following:

  • Daily name practice – Trace over dots and also practice copying your name.
  • Daily oral counting practice – Count forwards to 10 and backwards from 10. “tell me a bigger/smaller number than 3”.
  • Daily weather forecast – what is the weather like today?
  • Daily story – share a book together.



  • Play I spy – “I spy with my little eye something beginning with …” 
  • In the kitchen – Look for numbers on packets and tins in the cupboard.  Try and write them.
  • Metal Mike – Put out 5 cvc objects in front of the child eg tin, box, fork, can, pen. Adult to segment a word to say ie “t”-“i”-“n” for the child to identify and find.
  • In the garden/an outdoor space – Using stones and sticks for practical addition – “3 stones and 2 sticks make?”