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Week 5 Activities 1.2.21

This week’s learning will be based around ‘track’ transport.  You can:-

*Listen to a story and draw a picture for it.

*Make repeating patterns.

*Find out about types of transport we can use to travel by track.

The Train Ride. By June Crebbin Published by Walker Books

Recommended by Miss Seaward!

Our sound box/bag

Find a favourite box or bag.  Make collections of objects with names beginning with the same sound. Create a song, such as ‘What have we got in our sound box today?’ and then show the objects one at a time. Emphasise the initial sound (e.g. s-s-s-snake, s-s-s-sock, s-s-s-sausage).  Ask your child to repeat the words back, also emphasising the beginning sound.  Once your child knows what is in the box try removing an item and see if your child can tell you which item has gone.

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