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Week 3 Activities 3.5.21

Over this week your child can learn to and practice the following:

  • Daily name practice – Trace over dots and also practice copying your name.
  • Daily oral counting practice – Counting forwards to and backwards from 10.  Show different numbers on your fingers and count them all together.  “Show me 2 and 3”  “How many altogether?”.
  • Daily weather forecast – what is the weather like today?
  • Daily story – share a book together.

Phonics Phase 1

Choose a phonics game from the following and refer to video clip demonstrations from previous weeks.

* Rhyming Pairs

* Finish the Rhyme

I Spy Names

* Playing with Words

* Our Sound Box/Bag

* Odd One Out

* Sort it!

This week's learning challenge is about taking a pet to the vet.  Watch the video clip and talk about what you can see that is happening.

Take a Field Trip to the Animal Hospital | KidVision Pre-K

Miss Penny and the KidVision Kids went to Emerald Hills Animal Hospital to find out what happens at an animal hospital. Miss Penny took her dog, Kaiser, in f...