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Week 4 Activities 25.1.21

This week’s learning will be based around ‘air’ transport.  You can:-

*Listen to a story and draw a picture about it.

*Count a number of objects accurately.

*Find out about types of air transport we can use to travel.

The Blue Balloon by Mick Inkpen

By Mick InkpenPublished by Hodder and Stoughton

Phonics Phase 1 - Playing with words

Gather together a set of familiar objects with names that have varying syllable patterns (e.g. fork, bowl, pencil, kettle, umbrella). Show the objects to your child, name them and talk about what they are used for. Wait for your child to share some of their experiences of the objects. Then encourage them to think about how the name of the object sounds and feels as they say it. Think about the syllables and clap them out as you say each word. Then clap the syllables for a word without saying it and ask: “What object could that be?” As your child gains in confidence try some long words like binoculars, telephone, dinosaur.

Five Minutes Phonics - Playing with Words

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Gecko And The Hot Air Balloon | Gecko's Real Vehicles | Educational Videos For Toddlers

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