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Week 2 Other Activities

Number Bond 10 Rainbow

Create a Number Bond to 10 rainbow writing the calculations for 10 on to different strips of coloured paper.

Build a New Chair for Baby Bear

Read the story 'Chair for Baby Bear (on line click HERE). Use construction equipmemt such as Lego to create a new chair for Baby Bear. Think about what it would need...legs, seat, back arms.

Make a Split Pin Teddy

Draw and cut out the parts needed to make a teddy...head, two arms and two legs. use split pins or glue to put your teddy together.

Drawing & Measuring the Bears Beds

Draw out three rectangles to represent the different Bear's beds...a large bed, medium sized bed and a small bed for Baby Bear. Use cubes, string or paper clips to measure each bed. How long is each bed?

Now decorate the beds using different patterns.

Fairy Tale Houses

Fairy Tale Houses – Get Creative! Make your own fairy tale character house. Use a box and decorate it to make either the Three Bears cottage, one of the Little Pigs Houses or the yummy house from Hansel & Gretel! You could even make a fairy tale castle!!