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Week 2 Activities 1.3.21

This week's learning will be based around the rhyme 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'.

You can:-

* Learn to sing the rhyme.

* Draw and write about a sheep.

* Find out about weight.

* Learn about sheep's wool.

BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP Children's Song with Lyrics

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool? Another great classic brought to you by Twinkle Little Songs!Enjoy this fun version of the popular kids' song Baa Baa ...

Sort it!

Collect two sets of objects suitable to put in a box.  Each set of objects must have names beginning with the same initial sound. Choose initial sounds for each set that sound very different from one another eg ‘s’ and ‘a’. Put the objects in the box. Take it in turns to take out an object and say what it is, emphasising the beginning sound. Group the objects by initial sound and each time another is added recite the content of that set: “Wow! You’ve found a sock”. “Now we have a soap, a snake, a six and a sock”.

Five Minutes Phonics - 'Sort it!'

A short video to demonstrate to parent's of nursery age children a game which helps the child to listen carefully to and identify initial sounds in words.

Is It Heavy or Light? | Jack Hartmann Measurement Song

Jack Hartmann's Heavy or Light teaches the measurement concept of heavy and light.Compare heavy things to light things in this heavy or light video. Build b...

Sheep shearing: Children's DVD: Bee bright On the Farm: Amazing Animals (Justin Fletcher)

This is an extract from our educational DVD 'Out and About - On the Farm - Amazing Animals!'This high-quality DVD is designed to educate and entertain childr...