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Week 2 Activities 11.1.21

This week's learning is based around 'land' transport.  We will be finding out about different vehicles and what they are used for.

Mr. Gumpy's Motorcar by John Burningham (Read aloud)

Read by Seashell Papa šŸšMusic credits Kevin MacLeod

Phonics Phase 1 - Finish the rhyme

Use books or sing/say nursery rhymes with predictable rhymes that children are familiar with and then stop as you come to the final word in the rhyme. Invite your child to complete it. Use plenty of intonation and expression as the story or rhyme is recounted.

Five Minutes Phonics - Finish The Rhyme

In this short video clip parent's of Nursery aged children can learn how to play 'Finish The Rhyme' which will help children to hear and identify rhyming words.