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Week 14.09.20

English - This week we are going to start exploring a new book in English called Ruby's Worry. 

You can listen to the story here and talk about the key themes and any worries they might have.

We are going to be thinking about advice we would give to Ruby so you could write a letter to her telling her what she should do if she has a worry and why it is never good to keep it bottled up!

Maths - We are going to be doing lots of place value and number bond activities this week to help children make links between numbers.

Suggested activities include

  • writing, spelling and drawing the value of numbers using tens and one
  • making numbers using money, sticks, straws etc
  • writing out the spellings of numbers
  • finding number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 - 8+2=10 18+2=20 80+20=100
  • finding fact families - 8+2=10, 10-8 = 2, 2+8=10, 10-2=8 
Grammar - exploring co-ordinating conjunctions. You should watch the video here and then try to write your own sentences using the 3 conjunctions and, or and but

Science - We are going to start our new topic in science this week looking at hygiene. This is a practical lesson which uses a potato to show children how germs spread and are in different places.

One way of doing this is putting your hand in glitter and then seeing how it gets passed on when you touch things. This shows children how germs can be passed around on hands. Then see how hard it is to wash off and how important it is to wash hands thoroughly.  

The second experiment to do is:

1) Take a potato and cut it into 4 pieces
2) Whilst wearing gloves take one piece of the potato and place it in a plastic bag labelled 'control'

3) Rub the second piece on the floor/by a sink, place it in a bag and label it with the surface it was rubbed on.

4) Take the third piece and rub it outside on the floor. Label the bag with outside.
5) Rub the fourth piece on your bare hands and place in a bag labelled 'hands'.

Leave the potato in the bags for a couple of days and then look again to see what you notice! What can this tell us about the importance of good hygiene and hand washing? 

Healthy Mind -

  • In PE we will be focusing on throwing and catching  so please try to do some kind of physical exercise at home.
  • We will also be talking about mindfulness and ways of relaxing in school so try some yoga or mindfulness colouring as a way of helping to relax.
  • Our values this half term are friendship, caring, trust and honesty. Children will be coming up with definitions for the four values and drawing a way they can show this value.