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Sea Creatures


In Learning Adventure on Wednesday we will be looking at identifying sea creatures.


Can you name any sea creatures?

Watch this video below to find out about your activity.

Step One

*Listen to the story Fidgety Fish

Step Two

*Learn about creatures under the sea

Step Three

*Create your own sensory bottle


Which creatures did you find in Fidgety Fish?

The Sea

*The sea is made up of salt water.

*The sea is a habitat which means it is a home, to lots of different sea creatures.

Fun Fact

*Coral looks like a plant but is actually a type of animal.


Which is your favourite sea creature and why?

Can you name all of these sea creatures below?

Why do fish have gills?

Why do mammals have fur?

Have a go ...


Now it's your turn!

You are going to make your very own sensory bottle.

Get creative!

Remember to take photos and email them to your teacher.