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Pop-up Tiddler Fish


In Learning Adventure  today, you will be making your very own pop-up Tiddler fish.

Have a go ...


Now it's your turn!


You will need:






*Felt tips/colouring pencils

*Lollypop sticks



*Googly eyes

*Collage materials

Step One

*Draw around your hand on blue paper/card

Step Two

*Cut out your paper hand

Step Three

*Stick your paper hand on a lollypop stick

Step Four

*Decorate your paper hand (Tiddler)

Step Five

*Collage under the sea background

Step Six

*Make a slit in the background

Step Seven

*Put the lollypop stick in the slit

Step Eight

*Have fun moving Tiddler around!

Get creative!

Remember to take photos and email them to your teacher.