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Introduction - Today's learning.

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Making 6


Watch the story - Lara Ladybug by Christine Florie


Now its your turn to help Lara find her spots.... 

You are going to investigate different ways of making the number 6. You will need a ladybird and 6 spots.  You can print of the ladybird and spots or you can draw or use something else as spots instead!! Lara ladybird has lost her spots!!! Can you help her put her spots back on. Practically investigate how many spots are on each side of the ladybird. Count out 6 spots and put them on your ladybird. Make sure you put some on both sides and you must  use 6 spots each time. Encourage your child to count how many spots are on each side of the ladybird. Ask the child how many spots there are altogether. 'How many different ways can you do this?' 

Tell the child to explain what they can see.

E.g. There are 2 spots on one side and 4 spots on the other side. There are 6 spots altogether. 




Use the worksheet below and draw 6 spots on each ladybird in a different way. Make sure you are only adding 6.

Encourage your child to record what they have found below the ladybird if they can.

For example,  if they have drawn 5 spots on one side and 1 spots on the other side. The number sentence would be 5 + 1 = 6.

Record this on your worksheet and stick it in your home learning books.