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The Mouse


We are going to think more carefully about the Mouse in the story. Have a look at the picture below.

Think about what you can see and what you think you know about the mouse and its life.



  • Who is this? What is it like? How can you describe it?
  • Does it remind you of any mice in real life or stories? What do you know or think about mice? What does this mouse make you think?
  • Where does it live? What does it do? What does it eat? How do you know
  • Who does it know? Who does it live with?
  • How does it feel? What is it thinking? How can you tell?
  • Does anything puzzle you? What would you like to know about the mouse?


Ask a grown up to write your ideas and questions about the mouse in and around the MOUSE PICTURE BELOW (or draw your own picture).