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Toast, Juice & Milk

Toast and Orange Juice

Toast and/or a carton of orange juice can be purchased at morning break time.  You pay for this each half-term via School Money.  Due to the children currently being in class bubbles, the kitchen staff are serving the toast and orange juice to the children in their classrooms.  Click on the icon above to access the School Money website.  Please contact the school office if you have difficulty paying for any items. 0121 464 3082.


Toast costs 20p and orange juice 30p - 50p for both items.

Any profit made on the sale of toast and orange juice comes back to the school to be spent on resources for the children.




If your child would like a carton of fresh milk each day this can be ordered directly from Cool Milk using the form below.

Milk for under 5’s is free but has to be ordered. Children over the age of 5 have to pay for their milk – payment is direct to Cool Milk.

Cool Milk Form