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Bubble Experiment


In Learning Adventure today, you will be taking part in your very own bubble experiment!

Watch the video clip below

What do you notice about Bop's bubbles?

The Adventures of Abney and Teal - Bop's Best Bubbles

Have a go ...


Now it's your turn!


You will need:


*Pipe cleaners

*Bubbles/soapy water

*Pots or shallow trays

*Recording sheet


*Camera to record activity/take photos

Bubbles will always be round even if a bubble blower is a different shape like a square... do you agree or disagree?


Work together with your family to decide if bubbles are always round.


You will need to:

*Make predictions

*Create your own bubble wand

*Blow bubbles

*Record your findings


You can make predictions on the sheet  below or you can draw it directly into your home learning book.
Here are examples of bubble wands to inspire you!
Have fun blowing bubbles!
Were your predictions correct?

Misconceptions about bubbles

*A bubble can be any shape

*Bubbles can be made with just plain water

Hope you all had fun being Scientists and experimenting with bubbles!



*Take photos/videos and email them to your teacher.