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Addition by counting on

In Maths today you are continuing to learn to ADD by COUNTING ON. When counting on, you need to remember to KEEP the number you start with in your head. Then COUNT ON from that number to ADD. In this lesson, we will be using a NUMBER TRACK/LINE to support counting on to ten!

Watch the clips below to get started on ADDING... 

Sesame Street: Adding Song with Bert and Ernie | #ThrowbackThursday

Ernie is singing a song to show Bert how fun adding numbers can be! But Bert would rather Ernie practice subtraction!--Subscribe to the Sesame Street Channel...


Click on the image below to watch a video on ADDING two numbers by COUNTING ON by Mrs Khaira. You will be using MANIPULATIVES and a NUMBER LINE/TRACK to COUNT ON.



If you would like to practise some more..


Choose a worksheet below and have a go at ADDITION by COUNTING ON.

Use the lesson to help you and your MANIPULATIVES such as cubes, counters or any other objects AND number line/track to help you . Good Luck!

Remember to stick your sheet in your HOME LEARNING -BOOK :)