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Sorting 2D shapes

Watch and dance along to the video below about 2D shapes.

CBeebies House Songs | The Shapes Song

It's time to shape up with The Hippie Hippie Shapes in the CBeebies house!Katy, Rebecca, Ryan and Ben are shaping it up with triangles, rectangles, squares a...

Starter Activity - Shape Hunt 

Go on a shape hunt and look around your home. Can you spot any 2D shapes? What shapes can you see?

Draw them or write a list in your home learning book.  

Watch the video below to learn all about sorting shapes with Zara.




Use the worksheet and sort the shapes into curved and straight

You could try this fun food shape sorting activity

Use this worksheet to sort the shape into the correct category. Please select from the first couple of sheets

Watch Numberblocks Episode Flatland to finish off