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One less


Today you are going to be learning about one less. You are going to try and find one less than a given number. 


Click the link below listen to listen to the one less song


Watch the Numberblocks episode: Series 1 : What is one less than one?


Use the ‘Ten in the Bed’ story/song to teach subtraction:




Find up to 10 cuddly toys to go in your bed and tell the story. Each time one teddy falls out, show one less. When you only have one left in the bed.


Now Let's Practise ...





Have a number line infront of you and Use a small toy, such as a Lego character;  place him on the number of your choice; move your character one space back,   to the left to show one less.

E.g. If your character is on number 5, to find one less, you will move it to number 4.



Use PowerPoint below to learn all about one less ...

Your turn.... 

Use the worksheets below and find one less. You can use your numberline and toy to help you. You could also cross out one object onto your sheet and then count how many are left over to find one less. 

Remember to put all your learning in your home learning books.