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Sunshine Club - Parents Contract


I have read the Parent’s Handbook and agree to support the Club in the implementation of all policies and procedures.


I understand that the Club reserves the right to withdraw a place if my child does not comply with the Club Behaviour Policy.


I agree for my child to be photographed for purposes of display in the Club or the Club Newsletter.


I agree to collect my child by 6.00pm and understand that by 6.30pm the Club will ring Social Services if no contact has been made by a family member. Every additional 15 minutes will be chargeable at a rate set annually by the Governing Body.


I agree to pay all fees one week in advance. I understand that I am liable to pay for a place that has been booked even if it subsequently is not used.


Child’s Name: ____________________________________

Parent’s Name: ___________________________________

Parent’s Signature: ________________________________

Signed on behalf of the Club: _________________________

Date: __________________________________________