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Sunshine Club Archive

Summer Party and Year 6 Leavers

Today is our Summer Party.
We are enjoying the sandwiches.
This is fun!
Fairy cakes are my favourite.
I will miss having these parties.
We are having great fun.
I really enjoyed the club! Mum and I came to visit
Parents are so happy they  join in.
I had alovely picture with the staff.
Look at our Year sixes.
On to a bigger and brighter future.
Sad to see them all go.
I made some special friend.
We all have had so much fun here.
Goodbye and good luck to you all!!
The children wrote some lovely goodbye comments.

Happy Eid and Fathers Day.

We are colouring pictures for Eid.
This is for my friend.
I am making my family an Eid card.
My friend will love this card.
Eid Mubarak everyone!
We are celebrating Eid too!
Look at my lovely card.
Have a special great day everyone!!!
Fathers day is coming!
Love you dad....!
My dad loves motor bikes.
Surprise, surprise.
My dad likes football.
Wow! Fantastic colouring.
Happy Fathers Day! To all our great dads!

Sunshine Club Newsletter - June 2018

Health fruit and vegetable salads

We are making healthy fruit salad.
We used lots of fresh fruit.
We love bananas!
Strawberries are yummy!
I love the smell of the mango.
We are cutting carefully.
The melon is really juicy!!.
An apple a day keeps the Doctor away!!
I poured the orange juice in the end.
Look at our delicious fruit salad.
We will enjoy our fruit salad at home.
We made healthy salad as well.
Look at me, I'm cutting the salad carefully.
We are very busy.
I'm cutting the peppers.
We will really enjoyed both salads.

Summer is here!

We are enjoying these lovely sunny days...
Look, the flowers are out.
We enjoy cold ice lollies on hot days.
Its great to do our activities outside.
We are painting fish.
Our display will look great.
We enjoy playing netball.
We relax sitting in the shade.
Playing and relaxing with my friends.
Football is the best game ever!
We love the bikes.
We are wearing special clothes for Vaisakhi.

Easter Chocolate Nest

We are making chocolate nests for Easter!
We melted the chocolate.
We stired in the rise krispies.
Um.... this looks yummy.
Be careful, don't drop any.
Let me add the eggs on.
I love making chocolate nest!!
Can we make some please?
Easter is coming and we're having great fun!
We decorated our nests with chicks.
And eggs
Look at our fantastic Easter Nest!
Yummy yummy! Enjoy your Nests.

Sports Relief

Its Sports Relief!
We are decorating biscuits to raise money.
I love making icing patterns.
I'm using sprinkles.
Look at my lovely design.
Yummy Biscuits!!
This is fun!
I'm being so careful.
We love helping and raising money for children.
Look at the fantastic colours.
The children have worked hard to decorate biscuits

Happy Mother's Day!

We are making mother's day cards for our mum!
Shh... keep it a secret.
We love our mum.
This is going to get messy.
Look at our beautiful cards.
Look at my beautiful flower pot!
I am colouring a picture for my mum.

Newsletter - February/March 2018

Snowy day, Snowy fight

We love playing outside in the snow.
Snow fight ... YAY!
Look at us.
Teachers like to throw snowballs too!
We are having soo much fun!

Chinese New Year

We are making lantern for the Chinese New Year.
We have to cut carefully then join the ends.
We added lots of decorations to make them nice.
I added a handle to hang my lantern.
Look at our fantastic Lanterns.
It was exciting to do Chinese colouring.
I made a monkey.
Chinese People use chopsticks to eat their food.
This year is the year of the dog.
Guess who??
Surprise!! we are Chinese Dragons.

Sunshine Club Newsletter - January 2018

Christmas is here!

We are decorating our Christmas tree!!
We enjoy doing this.
I am very excited!
We are so happy it's christmas time!
I like silver baubles.
It's looking great so far.
The star is shining bright tonight!
Time to turn lights on.
Wow! It looks amazing.
We are making colourful paper chains.
We are using lots of different colours.
Our paper chain looks sparkly!
We are making cards for our families.
We used different materials.
We are very excited!
Look at our great cards!
I am writing my card to my dad and mum.
Look at mine.....
Children worked very hard.
They produced some fantastic cards!
Merry Christmas everyone!
I love doing Christmas activities.
We are making Christmas trees.
I am cutting carefully.
We have to fold it carefully too.
Look! Our trees are fantastic.
We have a very special visitor!!
We are lucky, she is here for Christmas!!!
How great are our Christmas stars!
It's time for a Christmas party!
Yummy yummy!
We are happy!
Can I have some more, please?
We are enjoying our food.
We are hungry.
Can I have some more, please?
We are happy to see our special visitor again!
I am so happy!
I am having lots of fun!
We are happy too!
I'm having lots of fun.
We are playing musical statues.
Look at our dance moves!
We are shaking our hands and legs.
The DJ playing Christmas songs.
Dancing makes me happy.
Look at me break-dancing!
I am the winner of musical statues!

Children In Need

We are raising money for Children In Need.
Look at us decorating cakes.
I love making different patterns.
Blue Colour icing is my favourite.
Yum Yum I can't wait to eat them!!
We used different sprinkles for our cakes.
I love helping children to decorate cupcakes.
Look at our fantastic designs.
We have raised £36.
We are colouring Pudsey pictures....
.....For children in need.


We enjoyed colouring  Rangoli patterns for Dewali.
We enjoyed colouring some Rangoli patterns.
We enjoyed colouring some Rangoli patterns.
We enjoyed colouring some Rangoli patterns.
We enjoyed colouring some Rangoli patterns.
We enjoyed colouring some Rangoli patterns.
We enjoyed colouring some Rangoli patterns.
We  enjoyed colouring some Rangoli patterns
We enjoyed colouring some Rangoli patterns

Halloween Party

Look at our yummy Halloween party food.
Our decorations look brilliant.
This is fun!!
Our food is delicious!!
Yum Yum!!!
Thanks to the parents who donated the balloons.


I like painting.
Doing painting is fun!!
We are helping making club display.
Look at our colourful display.
We are very happy in the club.
Look at our lovely model.


Welcome to the Sunshine Club!

Our Sunshine Club is for children aged 4 - 11 years old, who attend Hall Green Infant and Nursery School and Hall Green Junior School. We offer a " home from home" experience, with both indoor and outdoor play.

Morning session 7.45 - 8.55 a.m.   The children can have a light breakfast of toast, cereal, fruit and a drink on arrival. A range of quiet indoor activities are available for them to choose before being escorted into school by the club staff.

Afternoon session 3.20 - 6.00 p.m. The Infant children are collected from the classrooms and the Junior children make their own way across the playground to the club. They are offered a snack which may include, fruit, toast, biscuits and a drink. After this they very often share their news with the other children or have a club council meeting.

The children can then choose from a range of activities, art, games, cooking, crafts and outdoor play. Parents can collect the children up to 6.00 p.m. All the children would agree coming to club is fun and some of them don't want to go home!

Fees 2017/18       Morning session           £5.00
                            Afternoon session       £10.00

                            Both sessions              £12.00

Fees are due for the week in advance and payment is accepted by cash, cheque, BACS transfer or Childcare Vouchers.  In all cases, once a place has been booked, there will be no refund if the place is subsequently not used.

If you need any further information or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Sunshine Club staff or Mrs Derham in the School Office.

Sunshine Club Newsletter - September 2017

Sunshine Club Charging and Remissions Policy

Summer Party

Welcome to our end of year party.
We are enjoying our party outside.
Smile! Its party time!!
Look at our yummy food!
My Dad came and had some party food.
Mrs Dallaway joined us for our party
We really enjoyed our party.
We are having a cold ice pop.
Thank you to all our staff .
We are enjoying looking at my model!
We are making Fathers Day cards.
We enjoyed working together.
We are working hard on our cards.
I'm colouring mine carefully.
I wrote a nice message for my dad.
Our Dad will love theses cards we made.
Look at my dads lovely card.
My Dad will have a lovely surprise!

Vegetable Salad

Our beautiful selection of vegetables.
My favourite is cucumber.
I am cutting carefully
My Gran say's always eat your vegetables.
We started to cut them into small pieces.
I love  carrots!!
We mixed them all together in the bowl.
We filled them into cups.
Look at our delicious salad.
 Yummy! We are enjoying our crunchy salad.

Fruit Salad

Look at all the colourful fruits!
Time to start cutting the fruit.
Cutting my favourite fruit.
Look I have cut all of my fruits.
I like apple and red grapes.
I love strawberries.
Mixing everything all together.
Yummy yummy.
We're enjoying our delicious fruit salads!
Our fruits salads ready to take home.
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!
Enjoying these hot sunny days!!!

Sunshine Club Newsletter - April 2017


We are making cards for  Easter.
We had fun using lots of different materials.
Look at our amazing cards.
We also made delicious Easter Nests!
We stirred  the rice krispies into the chocolate.
We then filled rice krispies  into our cup cakes.
We decorated our nests with chicks eggs.
Um sooo yummy!!!
Happy Easter Every One!
I made a beauitful 3D origami Easter Egg.

Red Nose and Mothers Day.

For Red Nose Day we decorated biscuits.
I used white icing.
I used green icing.
Its my favourite.
We all made different designs on our biscuits.
Look at mines..!
They look yummy.
  look at our designs !
They look delicious!!
We managed to raise £35 for Red Nose Day.
Thank You  so much for all your support.
 We love wearing our noses for Red Nose Day!!
They also made fridge magnets for their mums.
We cut the petals carefully.
It was fun making the magnet flowers!
look at their fantastic artistic work.
We enjoy lots of different activities in the club.
Playing with Dual Master cards is awesome!!!
We like playing with the construction games.
I love the monopoly because I win lots of money.
I' m great at playing hang man!
We enjoy reading, it  is so cool.
We all enjoy playing the card game Cheat.
Colouring is our favourite.
We also enjoy many different art activities.
 The toast is my favourite, its so scrumptious!!!!

Chinese New Year.

We have enjoyed some fantastic activities for the
Chinese New Year......!
We coloured some brilliant dragons.
Mine is spectacular..!
I am colouring my dragon green.
Look at my dragon its fierce!.
We also made some great chain dragons.
This is the face of my dragon.
We made a chain for the body.
Look at our brilliant work.
We all enjoyed making them.
I think the mask were the best.
Cut carefully