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Summer Half term Activities

Dear Year 1 children,

Our next Learning Adventure Topic is 'Where did Paddington Bear Come From?'. In preparation for the new topic, I would like you to do your own research about who Paddington is and where he came from.

Start by watching the ‘Paddington’ movies if you can as that will provide you with clues as to where he came from.  Then have a look at the following websites to find out all about this interesting country.



Facts about Peru

National Geographic Peru

All About Peru

Peru video


Try to answer the following questions if you can:


  1. Who is Paddington? What does he look like?

  2. What is the name of the country Paddington came from?

  3. What continent is Paddington from (do you remember your learning on continents of the world?)


Now draw a picture of Paddington and write a short story about how he arrived here. Use your imagination and make the story your own.