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Student Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils.

It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.


At Hall Green Infant School the school council is made up of one representative of each class in KS1.

Soon we hope to add more children from Reception so all classes are represented.


We will aim to meet twice every half term with our Lead Teacher Miss Hobbs.


Meet our 2019-20 Councillors
Picture 1 Jennah Year 1
Picture 2 Madhi Year 1
Picture 3 Aisha Year 1
Picture 4 Musa Year 1
Picture 5 Zain Year 2
Picture 6 Zayna Year 2
Picture 7 Aaminah Year 2
Picture 8 Vithusha Year 2

We were all excited to have our first official meeting together!

Soon it will be Children in Need and we have loads of ideas about how we want to fund raise!

Children in Need supports children all around the UK, so we wish to dress up in red, white and blue for the day.

We will have a Children in Need assembly to learn more about this great cause and find out where our money goes when we donate it.

The theme for this year is Get Together so we are going to have a few Get Togethers at school!

KS1 will being singing and dancing to enjoy our day.

Year 1 are going to swap classes and play friendship games so we can Get Together with new friends.





Our Focus...

As a team, we have been talking to each other about what makes Hall Green Infants and Nursery a great school.  

We had lots of ideas about how awesome our school already is and want to share that with our classes to remind them of its greatness. Soon we will be looking at ways we want to improve the school, but for now we want to encourage our classmates to think positively and enjoy coming every day. 


We have been thinking about improving the wall design where the old basket ball hoops are.

 At the moment it is rather sad and boring to look at and we want to make the playground look more exciting and inspirational.

What do you think of these designs created by other artists?

What could ours look like?

You can make your own design and give it to your School Councillor and we can think about incorporating your ideas too!

Ideas for a new Playground Mural

We want to help!

After talking about how we feel safe at school, we begun thinking about some children in the world who do not feel safe.

We wondered how we could help them.

We found out about the NSPCC - a charity who really try to help and look after children who are feeling sad and unsafe.

It's not always nice to hear about children who are hurt or sad, but we really need to talk about them and find ways of helping.

We are going to talk to our classes about the NSPCC and think about what we can do.

Macmillan Coffee morning

We were asked to attend the Macmillan Coffee morning and talk to the adults about what this special day was about.

Luckily we met the Chair of Governors and we knew this event had to be important.

In our classes we got to eat cake, but also found out about the wonderful work Macmillan does.

We were glad we all paid our money as we know it will be spent on helping people around the country.

Oh, and some of us saw our Mums so we know our parents are making this important too frownno

Share your ideas!

Use the School Council suggestion box by the office to share your thoughts on improving the school.

What else could make playtime better?

What toys could you raise money for?

Who will be responsible for looking after them?

This year we have helped raise money for these important charities:

This year we have helped raise money for these important charities: 1 Last year we raised £370.10!
This year we have helped raise money for these important charities: 2 This year we raised £401.00!
This year we have helped raise money for these important charities: 3 Last Year we raised £149.85!
Picture 1 This year we raised £366.70!