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Spring First Half Term

During the Spring first half term the focus will be on:-

  • To enjoy being responsible for carrying out a simple task independently.
  • To listen to a story with increasing attention and recall.
  • To begin to use more complex sentences to link thoughts (eg using and, because).
  • To begin to understand 'why' and 'how' questions.
  • To hold a pencil near the point between the first two fingers and thumb and use it with good control.
  • To continue to independently use the toilet/wash our hands/blow our nose.
  • Continue Phonics Phase 1 - Rhythm and Rhyme/Alliteration/Voice sounds/Oral blending and Segmenting. 
  • Continue Number - Counting sets of objects accurately/putting out a given number of objects/using mathematical vocabulary eg more/less/same/representing numbers in different ways eg drawing dots, lines, showing a number.

Spring first half term - Please find below some useful activities you can carry out with your child.