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L.O - I can name autumn as a season and match it with the months.

(Sep, Oct, Nov).

L.O - I can observe and record weather and temperature in autumn.


Bluey: I can still remember the names of the four seasons. Before the lesson starts can children write the name of the four seasons?


Main Learning: Use all about Autumn Powerpoint

Make reference to John Dalton who kept the first ever weather records in the 1780s. He developed his own equipment to record weather.
Discuss the four seasons of the year. Explain that the season currently is Autumn. Ask children if they know the months for the season Autumn. Display and show. Are we currently in the season Autumn? How do you know?


Show children season chart. Explain that we will be filling the chart every time a new season starts.  Take children outside to observe the weather and record the temperature in Celsius degrees.  Watch the local weather report. Fill in the seasons overview sheet including weather symbols, temperature and clothes they would wear in the weather.


Task: Chn to make an autumn tree collage and write words/ sentences about autumn. Take a photo of the completed display and stick in books along with blurb. Home Learners make a collage using the leaves and discuss Autumn changes.


Show children a picture collage of an Autumn tree. Show word mat. Write down words, around the tree to describe Autumn. Use the word mat to support. Discuss what changes children observe when Autumn begins – Relate to clothes, celebrations, weather, trees, day and night

Yellow / Red: To use their leaves to make a group autumn collage tree. Stick given labels describing autumn on the collage (colder, wet, rain, yellow and red leaves, umbrella, shorter days, longer nights etc).

Green : Write words describing autumn (as above, use a word mat). Use for science display.

Purple / Blue: Write sentences describing autumn. Use for science display.

For example -

In autumn we start to wear thicker clothes and carry umbrellas.
In autumn the leaves turn yellow, orange and red.

In autumn, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.

In autumn it is wet and cold.

In autumn it rains a lot.

When I go to bed it is dark and when I wake up it is dark.

The temperature is ….

Plenary  - What Have You Learnt about Autumn?