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LO: I can compare suitability of materials. 


Today you are going to complete an investigation to find the best material for an umbrella. Use the PowerPoint to support your investigation and print off the recording sheet and next step sheet for your table group.

If you do not have access to any of the materials which are listed on the PowerPoint you should instead watch the video below for information on waterproof materials and print off the waterproof sorting cards. Organise the cards into two groups: materials which are waterproof and materials which are not waterproof. See if you can find examples of the materials on the cards around the house and think about whether they would be suitable for an umbrella. 

What materials are waterproof? | BBC Teach

There are many types of materials, but only some are waterproof. Join Dr. Brain and his team of scientists as they test four everyday materials, looking at their properties to see if they are suitable to stop the leaking pipe.